Enjoying Life, Naturally

A great location for a picnic or a school fieldtrip, Friedman Park provides 180 acres-worth of opportunities to commune with nature.

Surround yourself with nature’s beauty. Walk through the wildflower meadow, witnessing the miracles of hummingbirds in our two hummingbird gardens. Observe the graceful beauty of colorful wings dancing in the wind in our two butterfly gardens, or listen to the delightful music in the songbird garden. Friedman Park offers countless opportunities to observe wildlife of all types and sizes. There’s even an area for fishing.

Whether you prefer to meander leisurely or really move, Friedman Park’s four beautiful trails range from a short .4 miles to a longer 1.25 miles. An additional 1.3-mile bicycle trail passes through the park. For those who get in touch with nature in a more active way, spend time on Friedman Park’s walking/jogging trail, thru-bicycle trail, playgrounds, and vast hiking opportunities.

As you explore the countless options, keep your eyes open. The nature lovers among you will identify the Kentucky Coffee Tree, White Pine, Black Gum, Black Cherry, Shumard Oak, Yellowwood, Sweetgum, Hardy Pecan, Honey Locust, Colorado Spruce, Tulip Tree, Hop Hornbean Red Maple, and Bald Cypress—among numerous others.

Walking and Bike Trail Map PDF

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