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Just across from the beach and water slide sits the Old Shelter House. It’s a large, open-wall building with a concrete floor and picnic tables, perfectly suited for reunions and informal group events. Guests will enjoy the volleyball net and horseshoe pit, along with plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the day.


$100.00* and includes park admission  for all guests:
*Tax Included


OSH Rental Rules

  1. Rental is from 9AM-10PM

  2. Do not use nails, staples, screws, or tacks on any tables or posts.

  3. Do not throw cigarette buts on the ground.  Put them in a cup or a bucket and then throw them away before you leave.

  4. Do not dump food or trash in the grass or woods.  There are receptacles at the shelter house for food and trash.

  5. Do not use confetti of any kind.  It is very hard to clean up out of the gravel and grass.

  6. Do not park in the grass if the field is wet.  If the filed is wet please park across the street in the beach parking lot.  If you don't know if it is too wet to park in the filed, call the gatehouse and ask.


  • Seats 100 people

  • 12 (6ft) tables

  • Charcoal Grill

  • Fire Ring

  • Water & Electric


To Rent the Outdoor Shelter Just
Call the Gatehouse

812-897 -6200 

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